🎍Happy New Year 2020🎍

自分たちChika & Ichio Usuiは、昨年11月パリからの帰国後よりひたすらに新作創作に没頭しておりました…。






Happy New Year 2020.
Since returning from Paris last November, we at Chika & Ichio Usui have devoted ourselves to creating new artworks. And we got a cold from the beginning of the year… and we noticed it was already January 13th.

However, it was worth it that we were able to create many new artwork including several video works.
We have successfully completed the first part of the “Communities bound together by a common destiny” series.
Those new artwork will be included in the photo book that will be released!

Thank you very much for everyone for everything last year.
We look forward to working with you again in 2020. We have already received good news from overseas, and we will make this year a good one for sure!