Chika & Ichio Usui


2016年より Chika & Ichio Usui として作品の共同制作を開始。
一夫は2015年、個展「きせき、」(Wide Gallery&Studio、神戸)開催。その他、国内外での受賞歴多数。

2019年、KYOTOGRAPHIE (京都国際写真祭) KG+SELECT 12 Artistsに選出をされ個展を開催。

その後、KG+SELECT 12 Artists及びKG+の全200組を超える出展アーティストの中から選ばれBergonzo First Floor Paris Prizeを受賞する。


Chika, born in 1988 in Fukuoka, Japan. Ichio, born in 1983 in Yamagata, Japan.
They graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film.

They have worked together as “Chika & Ichio Usui” since 2016.
Chika exhibited at WonderFotoDay in Taiwan as an invited artist, in 2019.
Ichio’s major solo exhibition, “Kiseki,” (Wide Gallery&Studio, Kobe). In addition, he has a lot of experiences and won prizes in international contests.

They are based in Kansai, Japan.
In 2019, they were included in the KG+ “Select 12 Artists” category, and held a solo exhibition in Kyoto during the 2019 KYOTOGRAPHIE [Kyoto International Photography Festival].

Afterwards, they were selected to receive the Bergonzo First Floor Paris Prize, from more than 200 participating artists included in the KG+ “Select 12 Artists” category, as well as the entire KG+ exhibition. In November 2019, they held a solo exhibition in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district in Paris, France.

In 2020, they plan to publish their first photo book from a publisher in New York.

– Awards –
└ Bergonzo First Floor Paris Prize : “
運命共同体 – Communities bound together by a common destiny -“
└ KG+SELECT 12 Artists

– Group Exhibition & Art Fair –
2019 KG+ IN TOKYO (Art-U room, Tokyo)
2019 fotofever (Carrousel du Louvre, Paris)

– Solo Exhibitions –
2019 “Communities bound together by a common destiny” (Bergonzo First Floor, Paris)
2019 “
運命共同体 – Communities bound together by a common destiny -” (KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+SELECT, Kyoto)