Chika & Ichio Usui


2016年より Chika & Ichio Usui として作品の共同制作を開始。
一夫は2015年、個展「きせき、」(Wide Gallery&Studio、神戸)開催。その他、国内外での受賞歴多数。

2019年、KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+SELECTでの展示に続いてパリにて Chika & Ichio Usui 個展開催を予定。


Chika, born in 1988, Fukuoka, Japan. Ichio,born in 1983, Yamagata, Japan.
They graduated from Japan Institute of Photography and Film.

They have worked together as “Chika & Ichio Usui” since 2016.
Chika exhibited at Wonder Foto Day in Taiwan as invited artist, in 2019.
Ichio’s major solo exhibition, “Kiseki,” (Wide Gallery&Studio, Kobe). In addition, he has a lot of experiences that he won a prize in international contests.

They based in Kansai of Japan.
They held a solo exhibition at KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+SELECT in 2019. After that, they will be held a solo exhibition in Paris this November.

└ Paris Gallery First Floor Award : ”
運命共同体 – Communities bound together by a common destiny -“
└ KG+SELECT 12 Artists

-Solo Exhibition-
Apr 12th-May 12th, 2019 “Communities bound together by a common destiny” (KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+SELECT, Kyoto)